Sunday, August 2, 2015

Panic In San Francisco
Bill Weather
On 8/2/15 I dreamt I was in San Francisco. I began to run because something was coming, but in the dream, I didn't know specifically what it was that we were running away from. Then I was being chased by a lion and a dark tiger. As I was running both of them at separate times had their jaws around me in attempt to bite me, but I was not hurt from their bite. I continued to run and other animals and I were running together and we were looking for a way to get up high. We were looking for a big tree. We came upon one, but there was a fence and bushes we had to climb over to get up high. With a bit of struggle, we climbed over the obstructions and got into the tree up high.

 When up there, I had fun acquaintance with a couple of monkeys as well as other animals. Then there was a cow up in the tree with us. As the cow turned the front of its head, there were two more eyes on the side of the head of the cow. The cow had 8 eyes, all around its head. In the throat of the cow was a milk jug top, with a screw on lid, shaped like the tip of a gallon of milk. I felt a comradery with the animals up in the tree, as we were bonded being in this situation together.


I made light of this dream and though little of it when I awoke later in the morning, but as I was worshiping with my guitar singing "I wanna Hear You More", God began to give me the interpretation of this dream.

San Francisco is going to be in great big trouble soon. It may be the quakanami coming that we were running from and being chased, as by the lion and the tiger. Their jaws around me represent many who will perish at that time, but I was not hurt by them and the dream continued on.

There were some things to overcome to get to the safe place up in the tree. We had to overcome the bushes and a man made fence to get there. There will be man made obstacles and natural obstacles that will try to keep the people from safety when this time comes. Keep running, don't look back and get to that safe place! Going up into the tree, we must go up to the Father if we are to have real safety. Don't let man made obstacles and things in the natural keep you from that place. Christ is the true safety. He is the tree of life to flee to in the midst of trouble.

When we made it up to the tree, the safe place, I and the others there felt a sense of comradery from our troubles and overcoming to take care of one another. So too, there will be people, some like monkeys even, but in the midst of that time, they will tame themselves and be good company. Though they will be figidity like a monkey, your calm will tame them. Your prayers and his presence will bring calm if you can hold it together in the midst of the calamity. It will take strong faith and hope in Christ, the only real ultimate calm in the midst of the tragedy, to keep the calm.

The cow I was seeing was the provision in the place of safety. It's throat having the spiritual milk needed to sustain one in that place; its throat from which the word of the Spirit comes. Receive his word of hope and repentance and we will be nourished. It having eyes all around can see the present and future ahead and the past behind.

The cows head turned from left to right, like on a map, from left coast to right coast. The people of San Francisco will need to go east, its front eyes, looking east, further ahead because of the even greater troubles coming to that area when the further prophetic word begins.

It having eight eyes represent the number of new beginnings, the number 8, a new reality that will soon be coming to us all. In the midst of the calamities to come, we can experience a new comradery that will enrich our souls as we face these troubles together. Those who adjust quickly will find themselves to be a shelter to uphold others who are skiddish as a monkey. There can be joy and spiritual riches in the midst of the great loss coming.

The Lord has a question for you. Are you the monkey or the cow? Will you be the calm, or the storm?

Father Yah, thank you for this message and to challenge to us to endure and be of good cheer. You have overcome for us and are reminding us thru this dream, to love one another in the midst of the troubles to come and to look for the spiritual riches that can be more ours if we will endure in faith. Help us to be the calm for those who would respond as animals. Lord, we look to you to live thru us and to be that peace and shelter in the storm thru us, that others may see, all else is sinking sand. The closer we are to you, the less attached we are to the massive material loss that is going to cripple many people's hearts. Help us to be the calm and wealth that people can lean on, when this life fails them. Help us prepare to care for those who are weak, to remind them, thru faith and repentance, Jesus is coming to give us a way greater life! Father Yah, make us ready. Give us eyes all around.

In the name of Jesus, AMEN!

Notes - I am reminded of the Lord that I will have 2 monkeys and a cow in this tree of ministry he's giving me. The monkeys are the prophetic alarm. The cow is the ministry of provision to help those in need for the time to come.

We also know Jesus is represented by the Lion. In this dream there was 1st a lion, then came the dark tiger. This represents two separate events coming. The 1st will be God's judgment (the Lion). The second will be the dark tiger. Maybe these represent the mega quake to come and then a severe after shock event....two quakes hitting. I'm sure there will be other smaller quakes, but two main ones to hit.